Write it OUT!

Lately, anxiety has been more present in my life. I’ve experienced a lot of change in the past few months, I started new work projects and entered a relationship. While both are positive additions to my life, any change always presents anxiety and panic. I thought am I ready to take on a new role with challenges I’ve never faced and will my partner be supportive of my life choices? All these questions and more entered my mind in the past few months. For anyone with anxiety, you know even happy, positive change can present anxiety, especially for those who’ve had a traumatic history with change. In the past, I would just sit with my anxiety and sometimes it would manifest into a full-blown panic attack at which point I call a family member to talk about it. Lately, I’ve taken to writing letters to myself when experiencing overwhelming anxiety or going through a panic attack. 

Something about getting it all out is therapeutic, like exercising, you can move emotions and feelings around and out of your body, it works similar to writing things out, but opposed to exercising it's more of a mental exercise. 

A recent letter I wrote to myself: 


The feelings you are feeling right now are happening for a reason. It is a normal response to being overwhelmed but knows the thoughts about having a heart attack are irrational. You have been experiencing anxiety for over a decade and have never had a heart attack from anxiety. Remember to breathe deeply and take long, slow breaths. See you can already start to feel your pulse and blood pressure decrease  It is okay to cry and feel emotional at this moment, let it out and move on with your day as you do every other time this happens. 

It will all be okay 


As a writer I feel most at home writing, makes sense right? It always hasn't been easy getting out my feeling about anxiety, but I learned it's okay to talk and/or write about anxiety as its an important part of the healing journey. 

When you are experiencing anxiety what do you do? Let us know in the comments!