Connection Begins With Your Story

Yoga, therapy, and writing have helped to manage my anxiety. What helped me most over the years has been reading other people’s anxiety stories- from the soccer mom with OCD to a high school senior with panic episodes.

Voices of Mental Health is a platform I created to bring awareness to all mental health conditions while trying to end the pervasive stigma against mental health. One year in we are continuing to create content and grow, but we want our reach to be larger in order help more people.

My story is only one small part of this book. I want to share yours in hopes it will help an anxious college student or a business person struggling with depression. Our stories and identities are diverse. The book will include mothers, individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, artists, writers, educators and more!

What we are looking for:

-Individuals open to sharing their mental health story. Your story can span years or a short period of time.

-Please note, we do not require the individual sharing their story to be formally diagnosed with a specific condition. As long as the storyteller has experienced a mental health condition, we are happy to share their story.

-Stories can be told in the form of a story, poem, drawing or any other form that tells one's story.  

If you are interested in sharing your story or have questions about the book, please send an email to