5 Post-Holiday Self-Care Tips

self-care after the holidays.jpg

The holidays and New Year have come and passed, which can bring incite a mixture of sad and happy feelings. The holidays are tough and draining for some, but they can also be magical- spending time with our loved ones and enjoying a slower pace of life. 

For the first time, I traveled for the holidays. I spent Christmas with my partner’s family, and while we had a wonderful time, I was exhausted by the end of my trip. As a highly-sensitive, introvert I was becoming increasingly overstimulated as the days passed with travel, conversations, keeping my anxiety in check, and managing some of my business work. I was starting to become overly tired, feeling out of it and ready to go home and relax after the holidays. 

1. Embrace quiet:

If you are anything like me, the holidays are filled with stimulation. Take time to read or do an activity that does not involve talking, listening to others, and away from technology. Taking this time will help you recenter your overstimulated body. 

2. Sleep:

I don’t sleep well in hotels and other peoples homes. I was the kid who left the sleepovers before everyone went to bed. There's nothing like my bed, so you better believe I will be catching up on my zzzzs and reestablishing my sleep cycle. 

3. Drink lots of water:

Travel, cold weather, different foods, and alcohol can all impact our bodies and make us feel a bit off. Drink lots of water, it will help to rehydrate you and help to keep your digestive system in check. 

4. Do something for you:

The holidays are all about doing things for other people which is nice, but in the process, our self-care routine and daily balance can be thrown for a loop. Do something for you after the holidays,  book a massage or stay in and read a book. 

5. Clean:

Cleaning relaxes me, it takes me out of my anxious self and having something physical to do that checks off a to-do is a double win! Also, having your space tidy will help ease you back into your day-to-day routine. 

The holidays are a beautiful time of year! They are also a time of year we tend to forget about ourselves. If you are feeling a bit worn out or need to recenter for the New Year, take time to establish or reestablish your self-care routine. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a year full of self-care

Written by Amanda Shea