8 Ways Cooking is Like a Form of Therapy

cooking as therapy

Managing all of the responsibilities life throws at you can be daunting and many people view cooking as just another “chore.” Too often, we turn to convenient solutions like grabbing a to-go box or tossing in a microwave meal. However, the process of cooking can offer therapeutic benefits. 

From sharpened focus to increased mindfulness, cooking is the perfect way to lull and soothe a busy mind. Embracing the process and leaning into your basic senses will help you forget about the worries from the day and focus on the task at hand. Whether that means starting with a tried-and-true family recipe that uses simple techniques and familiar steps or experimenting with a new dish or ingredients you’ve never tried before. 

Finding joy in the simplest things, like attempting a new cuisine or not deflating your cake, can help you learn to embrace the good or bad when they come. Plus, the act of accomplishing a recipe is seen as mentally or emotionally rejuvenating—something to be proud of when you enjoy the end result.

By approaching cooking with this mindset, we can find as much joy in the cooking process as we do when consuming a meal. For 8 ways cooking is like self-care with added tips, view the full visual below from Kitchen Cabinet Kings.