A Mental Health Getaway


A few weeks ago, I escaped the city and headed to New Hampshire for an overnight free from technology and stress. As a highly sensitive person, I am seeking more and more time away from the overwhelm of the city to help balance and maintain mental wellbeing. 


Part of my self-care includes traveling throughout New England once a month to visit a new area I've never explored. On my past adventures, I've spent time exploring the botanical gardens in Northampton, Ma, the coast of Maine, and comfort of Burlington, Vermont. This past month, I escaped to the woods of New Hampshire with my partner, Casey and our pups for a technology-free overnight. We booked a night through Getaway, a company that provides tiny cabin getaways from larger cities like Boston and New York City. 

Packing was minimal; we just needed our toothbrushes, some food, and comfy clothes for the next day. We left our laptops, makeup, and stress behind. 


When we arrived, we took the pups for a walk around the grounds. During our walk, we smelled the fires of the camps around us- it brought me back to the simple times of my childhood, laughing around a campfire, making food and spending time with loved ones. 


Before dinner, Casey and I played a game of Unstable Unicorns as the pups played around us! 


For dinner, we made veggie hot dogs with chips- a simple, but a yummy meal that was made over the fire. And for dessert, Smores of course! 

We spent the rest of the evening around the fire, talking about life, playing with the dogs, and enjoyed the silence around us. It is so nice to sit, relax and not think about my long to-do list. 


Shortly after the sunset, we went inside our adorable tiny home to get ready for bed. We spend some time talking more about life and our future plans. I took some time to read before I settled in for the night. We feel asleep quickly with no sirens, or loud neighbors- it was a peaceful sleep.  

The next day we got up, took the pups for a walk, made breakfast, hung out in the woods and headed back home. It was the perfect night away to de-stress and get away from the city. 

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. Photos and blog by Amanda Shea