Are Physical Health Anxieties Harming Your Mind?


We live in an age where we’re all pretty good at giving ourselves anxiety. We build our lifestyles around the idea of always being on the go. We’re contactable every moment of the day, and, we rarely give ourselves time to rest. It should come as no surprise, then, that 40 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

Luckily, as rates rise, so too does our awareness. Mindfulness, an effective way of calming anxiety, is now part of common culture. We now have an understanding of issues such as generalized anxiety and social phobia. But, you might not realize that problems such as health anxiety still fall under the radar. Yet, thanks to search engine self-diagnosis, these are also reaching peak levels.

So, what is health anxiety? You might have heard of it referred to as ‘hypochondria’. Affecting up to 5% of the population, this is an anxiety disorder with a focus on health. This condition can lead sufferers to feel they have various health conditions. It can also lead to a habit of turning every health niggle into more than it is. Someone suffering from health anxiety may assume, for instance, that a headache is a brain tumor.

For obvious reasons, this is a distressing and debilitating issue. But, if you’re worried this is happening to you, it’s crucial to know there is help out there. Obviously, talking to a professional would be your best bet. Alongside that, you might also want to try the following techniques.

Address ongoing concerns

Often, health anxiety manifests in one key issue. The chances are you always return to one main worry. You may always come back to cancer, for instance. Or, you might hold a lifelong belief that birthmark is a sign of something sinister. But, the chances are you haven’t actually gotten these things checked due to fear. The reality is, though, that one test could confirm or disprove your worries. So, if your anxiety has reached an unbearable stage, address that leading worry. You could turn to a diagnosis center like the one you’ll find if you click here. Or, you could visit your regular GP. Either way, paperwork confirming your good health could see you on the road to recovery.

Find avoidance techniques when you feel anxiety rising

Even if your main fear is cleared, you may be in the habit of searching for small symptoms online. As a result, new worries could come to the fore all the time. If you spend hours searching every niggle and deducing the worst, it’s no wonder this is such an issue. Instead, recognize your urges to search symptoms, and distract yourself from doing so. Mindfulness techniques are fantastic for this. Meditation or mindfulness coloring could be precisely what you need. You could even try yoga every time you feel this urge, and nourish your body as well as your mind. The main thing is that you avoid self-diagnosis as much as you can. It’s harming rather than helping your recovery.