Depression Can Cause More Troubles Than You Know

You might find yourself struggling with depression. Depression impacts over 6% of the American population, and there are reports to suggest that number is steadily growing. Why do people get depressed? These days there could be various causes of depression. Indeed, depression is a growing concern in the teenage population, potentially due to the level of pressure they are under even from a very early age. They have trouble with exams and struggle with the constant focus on making sure they get their career on track. Again, this begins from the very beginning of school life.

Of course, today we’re not looking at the causes of depression but rather the effects depression can have on one’s life. We often think that the issue with depression is simply the feeling of misery. In actual fact, depression can be more far-reaching than most people realize impacting various areas of an individual’s life.

Destruction Of Social Groups And Relationships

Socializing is a key, fundamental part of human cognitive health. The inability to socialize can have profound impacts on your life and even lead to cognitive decline. This is why it’s so important that we make sure elderly people are able to interact and communicate with those around them. The failure to do this can have long-lasting consequences. Of course, when you feel depressed, you often don’t want to be around anyone. Even if you are in a social situation, you will unintentionally turn off those around you. People are typically drawn to happy, positive individuals. If you are constantly feeling miserable, you will see your position in social groups decline.

As well as this, personal relationships can be affected. It can be incredibly difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who is depressed, even when you have the best intentions. It can actually be exhausting because their issue will constantly be dragging you down as well. Plenty of relationships end due to depression, often because the victim did not receive the support or treatment they needed. This creates a void in their life which can lead to the next issue.

Dependence On Substances

According to WHO nearly a third of people who suffer from depression engage in drug or alcohol abuse. Again, this is likely to fill the void and essentially numb them from reality. When you are depressed, you often want to just sleep. When you’re asleep, the world seems to fade, and you can escape the pressures or the anxiety. Drugs, alcohol, and medication can help you sleep and essentially drown out the world. Those who are depressed may start with something like cannabis. This has actually been used as a treatment for insomnia in some cases. But, ultimately this won’t be enough and neither will the occasional glass of wine. Instead, they will turn to harder drugs like cocaine or a bottle of wine a night. This is why it’s important for the family of someone who is depressed to know the signs of cocaine use. If you recognize the signs, you can deal with it as soon as it becomes a serious problem.

One of the other reasons why people end up with an addiction is that individuals suffering from depression often end up on medication. As with any medication, it can be difficult to keep track and make sure you don’t go over the amount that you should be taking. Ultimately, this can lead to serious problems with control and may once again cause a jump to harder drugs, potentially even from a prescription.


Depression could certainly begin to impact your income. Why is this? Well, first of all, people who are depressed may find it difficult to work or at least complete typical careers. They might struggle to find their way through the typical office politics or social interactions. You can’t lose your job because you are suffering from depression. But you can if you are no longer able to complete the work which is exactly what happens. You don’t have to tell your employer that you are suffering from depression and it’s true to say most people don’t. That means you could lose your job before they realize that anything was actually wrong.

While you might be able to work from home, this can be difficult as well. One of the common symptoms of depression is fatigue and lethargy. Both of which can stop you from completing regular hours of work through the day. You might think that you can simply take days off when you are too low to work. However, depression can lasts for months or even years, and people often go through severe points where they are unable to do anything.


There’s a thin line between depression and feeling suicidal. It’s debatable whether individuals who are depressed want to end their life or whether the mental condition is clouding their judgment. Ultimately, either case could be true. That’s why it’s important to monitor an individual who is dealing with depression. Self-harm is a common trait, but this does not necessarily mean that an individual is suicidal. They may simply be looking for a form of relief, and once again, self-harm can be addictive. When you cut your body, it releases a hormone that has a similar effect to a medical drug. This is why some people, particularly teenagers find it so hard to stop and it is often referred to with the same language used for a drug addiction.

Body Changes

Finally, the last issue that can a sign of depression is not looking after your health. Drinking can damage the body and cause liver failure when binge drinking becomes a problem. Do be aware that lifestyle changes do not even have to occur for the body to change. It can be a psychological impact.

We hope you see now that the impact of depression can be far more widespread than most people realize.

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