Four Fun Ways To Feed Your Mind


The brain is a funny thing, isn’t it? Everything that defines who you are and what you think all comes from the brain. Every function, every thought, every impulse is created within the confines of your skull, and like anything else in the body, the brain is an organ. An organ should be nurtured and cared for to keep it healthy and positive, but how often do you stop and think about your brain? It’s not just a piece of your body; it’s THE piece. It’s the control center, and do you know what happens to control centers when you don’t ensure that they are running healthily? They fold. They give up.

Depression and anxiety can be likened to a heart attack; they attack the brain and can make you fold in on yourself. It’s therefore so important that you work on keeping your brain healthy in the same way you would make sure any other organ is working correctly. The key to a healthy brain lies in a healthy mind; you only need to see the brain scans of a depressed brain and a not depressed brain to know that! So, how can you exercise the muscle that is your brain to keep your mind fit and content?


There has been research showing that exercise improves brain function and enhances neurogenesis. Every single time you get out of the house and go for a run, your brain is rapidly creating new brain cells that are going to replace the depleted ones. Endorphins are a great thing!


Education doesn’t end after high school or college. Whenever you have a new experience, you’re going to stimulate your brain. For example, learning to cook is a skill that takes time to hone, especially if you want to learn to cook new recipes. There are suggestions at that can tell you all about cooking with beer, which is something new for you to learn. Don’t get stuck in a learning rut; it is fun to teach yourself new things! 


Stress (hormone cortisol) can kill your brain and stop new neurons from being made, and you need new neurons. Positivity is necessary and taking control of and overcoming negative thinking is only going to serve you and your brain in a productive way. Mindfulness is important – try to practice it!

Eat Well:

When we are talking about feeding your mind, you can do it by actually feeding yourself well. Nutrient-dense foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals are essential for your body: the brain absorbs over 20% of the nutrients in them. That’s what you call brain food.

The brain is not something to be messed with. When you’re feeling low and sad, making sure that your brain is looked after should be your first port of call. The human body is run by a computer inside your skull; if you don’t look after the wiring, you’re going to suffer the breakdowns. Take your time, feed your brain and feel good about it.

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