Her Words, Her Guide


Image provided by Her Words, Her Guide

Here at Voices of Mental Health, we are picky when it comes to supporting brands- we often find brands don't always have the mental health community in mind even if they try to develop products or apps aimed at improving one's mental health. 

Her Words, Her Guide, is a brand we are super excited to tell you about! It is described as a self-coaching journal aimed at empowering women through reading, reflecting, responding and reviewing as each chapter prompts the reader through insight and exploration. Her Words, Her Guide comes at a time when we are living in an outwardly driven society- keeping up with the Joneses, climbing the corporate ladder, posting picturesque images on Instagram, and so on.  Don't get us wrong, accomplishments and goals are a good thing, but when we focus too much on the external, we tend to forget about our personal, internal development. This is where Her Words, Her Guide comes in- to help develop our character, our inner world and what makes us...us! 

Who is behind Her Words, Her Guide: 

Her Words, Her Guide was developed and created psychologist and clinical counselor, Celeste Cai. Celeste has worked as a psychologist for the past seven years in Singapore. She developed Her Words, Her Guide as a way for women to grow and develop their character.

What people are saying about Her Words, Her Guide: 

" Each page is gorgeous and unique, and the prompts are stimulating and varied. I want to dive into this journal and respond to each of the exercises. They’re inviting and intriguing.” - Erika Price, Psychologist, US

“It has thought-provoking quotes and tasks, and also leaves enough space for random thoughts and reflections. I really like the space prepared for gratitude lists and lessons learned.” - Elzbieta E., Psychologist and Coach, Poland

Where you buy Her Words, Her Guide: 

Her Words, Her Guide recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. They need to meet their minimum print run, if they don't, this amazing journal will not be able to sell. If you are interested, go and support their Kickstarter! 

Written by Amanda Shea