Maintaining Mental Balance During The Summer to Fall Transition


Fall is my favorite season; it is a magical time of year here in New England. The leaves change color then are taken away by crisp winds as the air smells of new beginnings. As we experience our first frost, our bodies crave hearty soups to warm our souls. The drastic change of season can also bring challenges for those living with mental health conditions. The shorter, cooler days and return to overpacked schedules can bring about sadness, anxiety, and depression.

I’ve had sad and anxious days during season changes, mostly because I am someone who fights change, but over the years, I’ve learned to embrace seasonal change as it gives me something to look forward to and helps me make a new start.

Fall activities I look forward to:

Apple picking

Unpacking sweaters

Nature walks

Buying Halloween candy

Apple Crisp

Going on a weekend getaway

Having activities to look forward to can help those struggling with depression and anxiety. If you are feeling down about the weather or something else in your life, try scheduling something you love to do like going out to dinner with a loved one or buy tickets to your favorite band that is coming to town in a month.