Picking Yourself Back Up After An Injury


We’re all just trudging along the path of life, trying to do good where we can and protect those closest to us as much as possible. But the path of life is not a long and open stretch of road sprawled out before us. It’s a maze of blind corners, loose ground and sudden, unexpected peaks and valleys. As such, every now and then something comes along to hit us with the unexpected. Whether it’s a disproportionately huge utility bill, an argument with a friend or an injury at work, at the gym or even on the street. These can be a nightmare for even the best adjusted of us, but for those also forging on against the oppressive winds of mental health concerns, it can threaten to set back your precarious progress and plunge you into a spiral of negativity and suffering.

When we’re injured, especially, it can have a colossal impact on our productivity and thus our sense of self worth, even without factoring in the pain, discomfort and debilitation that we endure as we recover. If you’ve been injured and weren’t to blame it can really hammer home the inequity of the world around you. But while you may not be at fault, you are the only one who can do anything about it. Here’s how…

Seek justice

If your injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be held accountable. Many people who are injured tend not to blame others for their injuries because they feel that to do so is greedy but nothing could be further from the truth. A lawyer like www.egenberg.com can help you make a claim for that to which you’re legally entitled. No more, no less. Plus, if your employer is unable or unwilling to provide sick pay while you convalesce, the compensation can make your life much easier and reduce the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.

Eat balanced

We all know that a balanced, healthy diet is a positive thing we can do for our mental and physical health, it takes on a whole new level of importance when you are injured. Any athlete will tell you that broken bones and torn ligaments need the proper nutrition to repair themselves. It’s essential for physical recovery to include fats like olive oil, flaxseed oil or avocados, proteins like nuts, seeds and fish and complex carbohydrates for optimal recovery. 

Stay social

An injury can make us feel self conscious and antisocial and yearn for only the company of Netflix and Hulu. But staying social can help us stay positive and prevent us from lapsing into unhelpful thought patterns.

Plus, the more you get out and try to live your life as normal, the more you show the world (and yourself) that you refuse to be beaten by your injury!

Amanda SheaComment