What is Social Media Doing to Our Mental Health?

Welcome to episode 40 of the Voices of Mental Health podcast. On this episode, Lauren and Amanda discuss the impact social media and technology has on our mental health. They dive into their personal stories using social media and how they mindfully use social media today.

Topics Discussed:

Pressure to be perfect / appearing perfect online

Distraction in the digital age

Cal Newport-Deep Work & Digital Minimalism

Nicholas Carr - The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains 

Research around social media & mental health

Research/Links we discussed:






How we mindfully use social media:


  • Delete apps from phone

  • Turning phone on airplane mode around 8 pm

  • Follow accounts & pages that I enjoy

  • Quit Pinterest

  • Turn off notifications

  • Check-in attitude, schedule out dedicated social media time

  • Practice regular social media free days or weeks

  • Phone free events

  • Developing high-quality, leisure activities


  • Turning off notifications from apps

  • Setting specific times to check social media

  • Deleting apps when I’m overwhelmed/anxious

  • Only checking social media (especially stories) when I’m not anxious

  • Acknowledging when I’m scrolling mindlessly

  • Using apps to block social media/email when completing a task

  • Reading a book or just looking around/breathing when I’m bored

  • Hiding/leaving/silencing groups on Facebook

Social Media Blocking Apps:


Cold Turkey

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