Podcast Episode 26 | Bipolar Awareness and Mental Health Advocacy with Claudia Sartor


Welcome to episode 26 of the Voice of Mental Health Podcast. On this episode, we welcome Claudia Sartor. Claudia is an admitted attorney and spent the early years of her career at her private practice before recognizing that law may not have been all she had hoped for herself. She went on to study Psychology and is now on her way to complete an honours in Clinical Psychology. After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a few years back, she found a new burning desire to learn more about what it means to have bipolar and generally what the mental health field has to offer.

Claudia participates in mental health advocacy and with her sparingly free time she volunteers with the South African Federation for Mental Health as well as The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).  

Topics Discussed: 

Claudia's two hospitalizations

Proper diagnosis of bipolar 

Living with a mental health condition and being high functioning 

Intersections of law and psychology, and how both are used for mental health advocacy 

Disclose or not to disclose a mental health condition in the workplace

The organization she co-founded, International Mental Health Ambassadors 

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