Podcast Episode 27 | The Impact Modernity Has On Our Mental Health with William Jiang

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Welcome to episode 27 of the Voice of Mental Health Podcast. On this episode, we welcome William Jiang. He is a best-selling mental health author of 69 books. Will is a former Columbia Psychiatry library chief. Will’s author circle includes some of the top mental health authors of today like former APA President Dr. Lieberman, Peter Kramer, the author of the iconic book Listening to Prozac, and Elyn Saks who wrote a book that made over 5 million dollars, The Center Cannot Hold.

Topics Discussed: 

Increasing depression rates

Impact social media has on our mental health

Impact modernity on mental health 

Meditation and mindfulness, ASMR, and tapping

The positive impact CBD can have on one's mental health, and the negative impact marijuana can have on your mental health

William's mental health journey and recovery 

Multiple chemical sensitivity and vagus nerve stimulation

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