Podcast Episode 36 | Going Home For The Holidays

On this episode Amanda and Lauren discuss going home for the holidays- everything from travel to dealing with diet culture.

Topics Discussed:

  • Managing stress and overwhelm when around lots of family or friends, when traveling

    • Make time for deep breathing/meditation or quiet when you need it

    • Go for walks, go get coffee, drive around - have “me” time if you need a break

    • Stay hydrated and well-fed

    • Focus on the people who are positive to be around and avoid too much time with those who may drag you down - make your visit with them short

    • Have an alternative support system - friends you can call or text during tough moments

  • Managing emotions around holiday food

  • Going home when you are LGBT

Remember it’s OKAY to feel anxious or stressed or off. We’re all human and we all cope differently. Take time to breathe through your emotions and know it’s okay if others don’t always understand.

  • What we do personally do to manage our mental health during holiday times / our own experiences and challenges

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