Questions To Ask Yourself In The New Year

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Before the New Year rolled in, I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the New Year, and what I needed to leave behind. I am not one for grand resolutions, but I like to reevaluate what is going on in my life every six months to see what is working or not and make adjustments. Typically the New Year presents new opportunities and different projects for me to take on.

This past year, I realized I don’t need to be everywhere, and being everywhere was stretching myself thin. I was committing to things I did not enjoy. I woke up New Year’s Day and had this overwhelming feeling of needing to scale back. I want to integrate new projects, but my current schedule already has me fully booked, so I thought about what I could let go of to make room for what I want to do. I fell back on my minimalist practice and asked myself the following questions.

1. Is this something I see myself doing long term, more than a year?

2. Does this project add value to my life?

3. Do I enjoy working on this task or project?

4. Does this project feed my soul?

5. Am I willing to sacrifice my time for this project?

After answering the five questions, I was able to pinpoint what I wanted to pursue and what I wanted to leave behind. I said goodbye to some side projects and welcomed and recommitted to what was working for me. For me, minimalism acts not only as removal of physical items that no longer serve my life but work and projects as well.

Self-care is not always a bubble bath or a massage, sometimes self-care is taking a critical look at your life to see what is working or not, and eliminating things that aren’t. It has pushed me towards a life that is surrounded by projects and work that aligns with my passions.

Written by: Amanda Shea