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Marriage and Mental Health: A Lifelong Commitment

Are you a newlywed or thinking about asking the big question to someone who’s struggling with mental illness? Are you also contemplating this decision? It’s only natural for you to feel a bit nervous. Mental health can take a big toll on marriages and leave both parties completely stressed out. Many partners will find themselves in a position where it seems their only purpose in the relationship is to manage the illness.

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Lessons on Sleep Hygiene and Managing Narcolepsy with Peter Conley

Welcome to episode 45 of the Voices of Mental Health podcast. On this episode, we welcome Peter Conley. Peter is a Portland, Oregon based marketer and content creator who lives with Narcolepsy. He was diagnosed with Narcolepsy while in college and has since tried different alternative treatments to better manage the auto immune condition.

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Moving Towards True Happiness as a Highly Sensitive Person with Elana Davidson

Welcome to episode 44 of the Voices of Mental Health podcast. On this episode, we welcome Elana Davidson. Elana is the founder and creator of Divine Essence Coaching and the best-selling author of Finding Your Own Happy: The Soul Searcher's Guide to Peace and Happiness in Everyday life. Overcoming decades of personal struggle with mental health and depression, Elana now assists fellow soul searchers, seekers, empaths and sensitive folks move from feeling, wrong, unhappy, broken or utterly different into recognizing their gifts, finding their own happiness, and sharing their true light with the world.

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