Tips For Keeping Your Mind Healthy

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Lots of people are putting more of an emphasis on taking care of their mental health these days, which is absolutely fantastic. Here’s the thing lots more people need to realize, though: you shouldn’t be tearing out your hair, at your wits end before you decide that it’s time to take care of your mental health. Prevention is much better than curing problems once they arise. Whether you experience very little stress right now or a lot of it, you should be putting a focus on taking care of your mind.

You must do these things to keep your mind healthy. Don’t wait - start now:

Take The Time To Be Still

First of all, you need to to make sure you set aside each day to be still. It can feel weird being ‘still’ at first, as it can feel like you’re not doing anything. However, you’re not just playing statues here! Being still is a lot more than just not moving. It can be a meditation practice, or it can simply be sitting outside in your garden, enjoying a hot drink, and counting your blessings. Here are some pointers that can help you to be still more effectively when you’re just starting out:

  • If you’re going to use this time as a meditation practice, download an app like headspace or calm to help you.

  • This isn’t about not thinking at all. You must let thoughts come and go. Just don’t entertain your thoughts.

  • Allow this time to get you into a positive headspace. Notice all the good in your life. There’s a lot of it!

  • In the beginning, it is important to get into a routine. You won’t be perfect, you’ll simply improve as you do this more often. Even if you just set 5 minutes aside each day at the start to do this, it’s something!

Talk About What You’re Feeling

The worst thing you can do is bottle all of your feelings and ignore them. The best way to handle your feelings is to notice them, assess them, and then do your best to let them go. Speak to a family member or close friend to help you. If that’s too much, there are services like Thrive talk that have been designed to help people to talk about their problems. Here’s what to remember:

  • You should never beat yourself up about something you’re feeling. It’s valid because it’s there. There are other viewpoints, of course, but you should honor your feelings.

  • It can take time to process certain feelings, for instance, if you have just been through a breakup or another difficult experience. You can’t expect to let these feelings go right away.

  • Keeping a journal can help you to understand what you're feeling and why. In turn, this can help you to articulate your feelings when you come to talk about them. 

Take Care Of Your Body

Eating a balanced diet can help to make you feel better and have a fantastic effect on your mental health, and exercise will help your mind in both the short and long term.

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