Fighting The Battle For Your Mental Health

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For many of us getting in shape and staying in shape is a daily battle and one that takes time and dedication. You work hard to keep your body aerobically trained and physically strong but do we dedicate that much time and effort in the battle for our mental health?

Cases of depression and anxiety are increasing year on year, as people gradually realise that fighting the battle to wellness alone is not working and turn to professional services for help.

But, like a physical workout, are there routines we can put in place to help in this fight and keep us free of mental injury?


Your body is a holistic organ and your physical health is closely associated with the mental. Countless mental health sites link the two and highlight the benefits of a regular exercise routine that releases mood lifting chemicals in the brain and drives you forward with a sense of purpose. Routine of any sort, but particularly one that has all over benefits to your health is a great way to create stability and lift your mood.

If you struggle to connect with people than listening to music as you walk or run will give you the solidarity you need, however joining a club can be a great way to meet like minded people and form a sense of community. It will also give you accountability towards others.

Don’t Miss Appointments

Just because you’ve had a better week, don’t take the opportunity to skip an appointment with your mental health professional. Psychologists, such as Norman Goldwasser, know the importance of regular sessions to work on improvements and monitor progress. Make your therapy sessions a priority and be upfront about the struggles you’re going through.

Go Digital Free

Creating time to put down your mobile phone, tablet or laptop is a sure fire way of finding some calm and peace in your life. Studies show that prolonged exposure to screens can cause disturbances in your sleep patterns, but more and more mental health professionals point to a disturbance in your mental health too. The constant comparison of your life to others on social media platforms, not to mention the constant barrage of news, facts and gossip can be overwhelming. For those suffering with anxiety disorders this can trigger symptoms and feel like it’s too much to cope with.

Instead schedule some time, preferably in the evening before you head to bed, that you will go screen-free and let your brain wind down naturally.

Being intentional towards your mental health and treating it as equal to that of your physical wellbeing is an essential part of living in our modern world. With the stresses and strains of everyday life bearing down on us, it’s no wonder we need to make more time for ourselves and find some space for relaxation and calm.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to your mental health practitioner today and start following some routines that will lead you towards a more peaceful existence.


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