From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Have you ever noticed how, in life, it often takes a tragedy or crisis before we take the action required to make a massive change?

Indeed, for many people, when life throws too much at them, they can feel like they’re having a breakdown... or at least end up affected by one of the most common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety - yet at times of significant struggle, it’s very easy to shift from that emotional state of “breakdown” to breakthrough.

When people talk about breakthroughs, it often relates to people making a swift and significant decision to change their life for the better.  

Perhaps, they have been contemplating making a change for some time, for instance, they might have been in a miserable relationship with a partner that doesn’t support them, but rather than face the pain of loss associated with the relationship (usually linked with the fallacy of sunk cost) they stay preferring a known hell to an unknown heaven.

Meaning, it takes a crisis such as their partner cheating on them, or perhaps a loss of a loved one to reevaluate their position and make a change.

Therefore, if you’re in a place of great emotional stress and feel like you’re having a breakdown - it’s just possible that a breakthrough is waiting for you around the corner.  


When you’re feeling down or stuck, you often find yourself focusing on all the things you don’t want - stuck in a place of struggle where you feel trapped and without hope.  Whereas, when you shift your focus to what you do want, life feels more positive, and you are inspired to lift your head a little higher and take the necessary action to move toward your dreams.


We often feel incredibly overwhelmed when it comes to making life changes, so therefore, it’s important you take it one step at a time and allow the staircase to unfold as you walk - just taking the next step, then the next step, toward a more positive outcome rather than feeling the need to already be at the end point in terms of your goal.


It’s all too easy, when you’re struggling emotionally to put “fun times” on the back burner - as if, you will have fun once things feel better… but until then, you will be miserable.  The thing is, the more fun you have in the present, the better you will feel about your life and the more empowered you will be to achieve your dreams.

In summary, if you’re going through tough times - keep on going - don’t resign yourself to sitting back, wallowing in sadness, as you never know what’s around the corner… but, unless you focus on what you want, take baby steps toward your preferred life, and have some fun along the way you’re likely to stay in this stuck state.


Amanda SheaComment