How Communities Impact Our Mental Health


Some make the case there is no such thing as a society. It's a bizarre and rather foggy approach to the masses of people in the world. Society, maybe it's a word that can describe the faint underlying attitudes and social behaviors that we live in. However that is still vague. Communities on the other hand can be identified easily. People who share values, live and cooperate around and with each other, help each other in times of need, and have a culture. Communities are often described as people who are close to us, grew up as we did, and have similar experiences in life as we do. So when it comes to the state of our mental health communities are going to help us while society is going to be dealing with far off challenges. Communities are much more reliable for help than the wider public. But in what ways do they help?

A shared emotion
When we see someone from our neighborhood do something amazing, we feel a sense of hope. If a kid from our block made it to the Olympic Games and won a medal, we feel uplifted because they came from the same situations we did. There is something about sharing an emotion with people around you that brings it home. For one thing we don’t feel as if we’re the odd one out. We have a sense of belonging. Take for example when your favorite sports team wins an important game. We celebrate with people who we don’t know personally, but we are sharing an emotion about something we deeply care about. This has a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing that can be overlooked.

Facing similar challenges
Nobody wants to feel like the odd one out. When we face serious challenges in our life, it's better to have someone with you that is going through the same thing. For example, if you are suffering from some issues concerning the abuse of substances, a place for women's sober living is where you can face these challenges together. The rooms are spacious and the decor is homely. You’re already in an environment that can be as good as home. You’re here to relax, enjoy the swimming pool and hot tub after you have been to classes tackling your emotions. The mental health of the patient is taken very seriously, and you’re helped by clinical professionals as well as talking with people in the same boat as you. For the lack of a better word, this community of people facing the same concerns about themselves as you is something that you could greatly benefit from.

Finding our community is difficult sometimes because life changes. Yet, there are people that are going through the same problems you are going through. Although society is too vague, communities often give you a sense of belonging.


Amanda SheaComment