Tips For Coping with Emotional Eating

Emotional eating tends to be a short-term solution to suppress negative feelings you may be having. We all emotionally eat here and there, but regular ongoing emotional eating may signify a deeper issue as this article suggests.

So what do you do?

If you are currently in the midst of ongoing emotional eating, it is advise to seek professional help. Speak to a doctor or a counselor for professional advice. In some instances those with long histories of emotional eating seek binge eating disorder treatment.

Helpful tips for coping with emotional eating:

  • Take preemptive steps to eliminate future stress, giving you a strategy to deal with anything that might trigger emotional eating in the future.

  • Engage in more exercise, as this will release those all-important chemicals in your brain to relieve feelings of stress and anger.

  • Find a support network of people, such as family members and friends who are willing to listen to you and support you when you are in need of a listening ear and support. You might also join a support network, such as Overeaters Anonymous or similar


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