What Are The Dangers of Leaving Mental Health Conditions Untreated?

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A staggering number of people across the globe suffer with some form of a mental health issue in their lifetime- one in four of us according to the World Health Organization. However, despite being a massive, global problem there is still a lot of stigma attached to mental illness leading to thousands of people untreated. And this can have potentially devastating effects, which can be avoided with the right help. Here are examples of why it’s so dangerous to leave mental illness untreated, and why you should seek help if you’re suffering.

Physical illness

It’s been long established that there’s a strong connection between mental and physical health. Take stress and anxiety for example, while this is a mental illness, the effects on the body are profound. It can lead to high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Risk Taking Behavior

Those suffering with a mental illness are more likely to engage in risk taking behavior. In some cases such as severe depression, this can be a ‘what do I have to lose’ mentality, or perhaps thrill seeking to feel some kind of adrenaline. It could involve drunk driving, unsafe sex and taking drugs. Of course, engaging in these kinds of behavior is incredibly dangerous and could lead to a fatality.

Self harm

Self harm can go hand in hand with mental illness, as it’s a way some people attempt to cope with the way they’re feeling. Of course, it’s not productive and is dangerous- putting you at risk of infection or even bleeding out. There have been cases where groups of people have had ‘cutting parties’ and of course, sharing cutting equipment with others then puts you at risk for different diseases. If you or a loved one is struggling with self harm, there is help out there. For younger people, there’s teen self injury disorder treatment, otherwise you could visit your doctor who may refer you onto a specialist such as a psychologist.


One of the biggest risks that people with mental health issues face is suicide. Suicide is a global epidemic, and occurs because sufferers feel unable to cope. It’s quite literally a way out, the only way out that they can think of that makes sense. Lots of people with mental illnesses have suicidal thoughts, if you’re experiencing this it’s so important that you open up. Speak to your doctor, or at least speak it through with a friend or family member you can trust. With the right help and support, it really is possible to come out of the other side.


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