Day 5: Self-Care



Today's class is dedicated to thinking about what new self-care practice you are going to bring into 2017. If you are having a hard time thinking about a new self-care practice, I've included a list of 10 self-care practices: 

1. Unplug an hour before bed

2. Practice yoga for 10 minutes a day 

3. Unsubscribe from email and newsletters that no longer serve you

4. Dance to your favorite song 

5. Start a gratitude journal 

6. Exercise regularly by going to the gym or taking a walk

7. Spend time outside 

8. Unlike and unfollow negative people and pages on social media

9. Eat more greens 

10. Meditate 

Self-Care Journal Practice:

Did any of the above self-care practices speak to you? Journal about your intentions to start a new self-care practice HERE.