Website Ethics

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As a website we believe in upholding ethical guidelines in which we do not trigger readers and those in recovery. 

1. We are a Health At Every Size registered website. We will never promote diets, weight loss, body shaming or moralize food with the goal of improving mental health. 

2. We share stories responsibility. While we discuss triggering topics such as eating disorders and suicide, we never list graphic details of sensitive and triggering content: 

-No suicide details

-No sexual assault/rape details

-Eating disorder details

-Addiction details

-No mention of numbers (ex. weight lost, gained, or time spent working out)

3. Researched content will be properly sourced and cited. 

4. We are a safe space, we value diverse stories and will always remain inclusive to the LGBTQ community, individuals from different religious/cultural backgrounds and other marginalized groups.  

5. We do not believe there is one right way to treat mental health conditions/illness. We believe in showcasing stories from individuals who take medication or a natural path when it comes to treating their mental health condition. Treating one's mental health condition is a very personal choice and should never be shamed for whatever path they choose to treat their mental health condition. 

6. We respect your privacy; your contact information will never be shared.

7. We will always be honest.