Welcome Friend, 

I am happy you landed here!
I am someone who lives with anxiety, depressive episodes and have a history of disordered eating. I am also an avid storyteller. I believe in the power of sharing and spreading one’s story, more on that later. 
I experienced a severe bout of anxiety during my adolescence; it got so bad I never left the house and had 3-5 panic episodes a day. I was miserable, and all I could focus on was getting through the next panic attack. My body and mind were tired, and I was tired of suffering. I asked my mom to help me, and she got me to see a therapist. 

After starting therapy my therapist at the time recommended an anxiety & phobia workbook, let me tell you no other book changed my life the way this one did! It was not the workbook exercises or cognitive behavioral therapy practices that helped, but the introductory stories of individuals who experienced anxiety. For the first time, I didn’t feel so alone! I learned about other people who went through what I was experiencing, and it helped me out of isolation. 
Fast forward a few years, I earned a degree in psychology, started talking and writing about having anxiety and a light bulb went off, I wanted to launch a website about anxiety and mental health, more specifically a site showcasing personal accounts from people with different mental health conditions. 
My hope is through Voices of Mental Health those with a mental health condition(s), and their loved ones and communities can use this site as a resource to learn and connect with others with the goal of destigmatizing mental health conditions/illnesses. 
We are passionate storytellers, and would love to share your story!
With love, 
Amanda Shea
Founder & Editor